Our Consultants

Worldwide Express Supply Chain Solutions works with accredited third party organizations to provide professional credentials and continuing education. Our consultants have earned the following credentials:

APICS CSCP - Specialization in Supply Chain Design, Supply Chain Planning and Execution, and Supply Chain Improvements. This has been earned by: Mike Mullen, Brian Tribble, Kieran Lang, Andrew Howard, Jenny Hays, Tom Herlihy, and Mike Kessler.

APICS CLTD - Specialization in the understanding of best practices to optimize performance in logistics, transportation, and distribution. This has been earned by Dan DiMarzio.

APICS CSCA - Specialization in analyzing supply chain and warehousing. This has been earned by Emily Galloway and Jackie Vines.

Six Sigma Black Belt Certification-Understand all aspects of the define, measure, analyze, improve, and control model according to Six Sigma principles. This has been earned by Josh Williams and David Humphrey